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We have the World’s safest salad bar—we call it The Arctic—which provides a full concept solution from digital labels and planograms, to smart hand units for scanning of containers. Each container with products has a QR code which makes it traceable through the intelligent food safety system—integrated farm-to-fork traceability in a continuous chain. 

Data about consumption, which products work well in different locations and weather forecasts are examples of parameters used to optimize the assortment and order correct volumes by leveraging machine learning and other predictive algorithms. We use a combination of innovative hardware and software to make every part of managing a salad bar as easy and efficient as possible.

The Arctic and our digital platform

Together they define a new level of smartness in retail concepts (super smart, in fact), in other words, the Arctic is optimized to ensure that the customers and consumers get a fresh and tasty food experience.

That is “fast food de la future” for us!