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We’re problem solvers. Solution finders. Salad makers. We don’t quake in our boots, we toss lettuce.

Without bragging too loud...

we’re able to state Picadeli as the market leader in the Europe.

Driven by the belief that fast food should also be food that’s good for you (and good for the planet too), we want to raise the bar to democratise healthy food for both ourselves and our natural world. Through pioneering high-tech salad bars, we offer healthy fast food, reduced waste and show people fast food de la future.

Ever since 2009 we’ve served up fresh and healthy take away. Today this salad game changer is to be found in some 2000 stores around Europe and the US. With that said you can count on us looking out for you, no matter from where you may roam.



Takeaway salad

Today you’ll find us in

Sweden Finland  Estonia  Germany  Belgium  France  US 

Since 2015, Picadeli has been a part of GREENFOOD GROUP

the Nordic market leader within green convenience, employing over 1 500 people in seven countries divided through different concepts.

Picadeli is one of them and most likely the best (said with zero percent of bias).