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We believe that the packaging should be optimized to minimize food waste and at the same time have a minimal environmental impact. To do so, we work according to the waste hierarchy.

Picadeli is a part of the Greenfood group and share the same ambitious goals.

All packaging must be 100% recyclable by 2025

All packaging must be made from 80% renewable/recycled material by 2025 and 100% by 2028

Reduction of plastic usage by 50% by 2025



We are shifting to only sustainable materials and removing unnecessary packaging.


We minimize the amount of packaging, and only use recycled plastic that can be recycled where the waste occurs (regardless of if it is in a park or at an office that is!).

Greek salad


We always strive to offer smart and reusable alternatives at every opportunity given.


We are shifting to materials that are fully recyclable. To increase recyclability rates, we nudge the consumers to recycle their packaging by partnering up with actors that incentives recycling.

Quorn salad


Through our partnership with Bower, an app where you can scan your packaging before recycling it and get rewarded with cash back (which can also easily be donated to charity directly in the app). Bower has over 400,000 users, and since its inception over 46 million packages have been pledged via the app. Our partnership just started in Sweden and Finland, and more markets are to come.